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Workshop & Demo

ORANGE offers a series of workshops, trainings & Demo exploring the essentials of life sciences related technology to develop expertise.

The Workshops and Trainings can be as short as one day or run over several days. Many of our trainings are Modular and can be combined as appropriate for participants concerns. We are also open to work with you to tailor our Workshop and Trainings to the expanding needs and towards the development goals.

Following are some of the brief details for which ORANGE can actively engross to conduct the Workshop and Trainings. Each Workshop & Training includes interactive lectures and practical sessions along with provision of relevant notes to the participants. Workshop and Trainings are intended not only to provide fundamental understanding and practical handling of the technique but also to offer research applications and aspects of the technique.


Includes studies like Nucleic acid extractions, various Electrophoresis & Blotting techniques,Cloning, Gene Modification & Expression, PCR, Real Time PCR, DNASequencing, DNA Fingerprinting, Molecular Identification.


Comprises understanding and developing expertise in studies like Various Electrophoresis & Blotting techniques, Protein Purification, Characterization & Identification, Enzyme protein optimization studies, GC,HPLC, Gel Chromatography, Protein Crystallization etc.


Includes studies on ELISA, Immunodiffusions, Immunoelectrophoresis, Preparation of Antigens, Immunoelectrophoresis, Preparation of Antigens.


Includes practical experience of working on Bacteria, Fungi, Yeast, and Bacteriophages, Staining and Identification techniques, Growth pattern study, Cell immobilization, Studying various commercial, environmental and medical importance of microorganisms.

Fermentation Technology

Includes core understanding of fundamentals of fermentation technology, Growth & Metabolism, Bioreactor designs, Scale-up of Bioreactors, Media & Air Sterilization, Process Analytical Technology, Bioprocess Simulation & Economics.

Animal Tissue Culture

Provides hands-on practice to Embryo culture, organ culture, Primary cultures, etc.

Plant Tissue Culture

Provides hands-on training to Various Cultures, Plant Micropropagation, Somatic Embryogenesis, Protoplast preparation, Fusion and Regeneration methods, Artificial Seed Preparation and Hardening aspects etc.


Intended to guide with tools like Database Search, Sequence Alignment, Gene Identification, Structural Bioinformatics etc.

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